Roundness Tester
Workshop roundness analysis

Surtronic Roundness
A robust bench mounted shop floor roundness measurement system designed for fast accurate measurement in the high volume production environment. This system utilises an air bearing spindle with manual centre and levelling capability.

  • Fast with high precision
  • Compact with touchscreen module

Talyrond 130C
A robust bench mounted shop floor roundness measurement system designed for fast accurate measurement in the high volume production environment. This system utilises an air bearing spindle with manual centre and levelling capability. 

Fitted with a Talymin 5 gauge and manually operated radial arm the Talyrond 130 can measure to tenths of nanometers while allowing load capacities up to 20kg making it ideal for small to medium roundness production. Powered by Taylor Hobson's Ultra software an optional simplified user interface can be provided helping to reduce operator error by intuitive and interactive programmed steps...
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Talyrond 131C
The Talyrond 131c is an afforable roundness cylindricity measuring instrument capable of automated operation of both its radial arm and vertical column. The system uses an air bearing spindle with full centre and level capability mounted on a cast iron base, the instruments small footprint allows it to be bench mounted and situated either in the laboratory or on the shopfloor. 

Taylor Hobson's Ultra software allows the user to create programs and like most of Taylor Hobson's roundness range a simplified user interface can be provided, this facility is particuarly useful in multi part measurement and reduces the need for training...more on spec

High Precision Roundness Measurement

Taylorond 365
The Talyrond 365 is an extremely popular instrument providing parameters such as roundness, cylindricity and straightness amongst others, the system has been designed for stability and accuracy and consists of a frictionless air bearing spindle mounted within a cast iron base and a precision machined column.

This TR365 is a manual C&L system and there are more 3 systems to choose from with columns ranging from 300mm to 900mm in height as well as choices of automated or manual centre and levelling depending on your needs. The TR365 is truly a cost effective instrument providing the user full measurement and analysis capability traceable to national and international standards...more on spec

Talyrond 565/585
The Talyrond 5XX series is a fully automated roundness/cylindricity instrument that is unsurpassed in accuracy and reliability, with 6 versions to choose from offering the rightbalance of automation and capacity for virtually every application. State of the art electronics have allowed full control of all axes with fast and accurate modes allowing the right combination of measurement and movement speed for the most challenging of components.

Taylor Hobson's patented arm orientation provides full automation in almost any attitude making it the most versatile of instruments and an industry benchmark in roundness instrumentation...more on spec

Talyrond 595
All axes of the Talyrond 595 have been precision machined and enhanced further with innovative software corrections giving unmatched straightness and roundness accuracies. The centre and levelling table is fitted with high resolution motors enabling accurate and fully automated set-up to defined targets.

The systems Talymin 5 gauge allows measurement down to nanometric level while the automated arm orientation provides unrivalled versatility ensuring access to the most intricate of parts. Integral to the TR395 are the active anti-vibration mounts provided with a environmental enclosure eliminating external influence and allowing measurement closer to the manufacturing process...more on spec

Large capacity roundness

Talyrond 450
Designed for the powertrain and machine tool industries this instrument utilises a rotating gauge head mounted on a vertical straightness unit, the rotating head allows manufacturers to measure roundness of prismatic or non rotationally symmetric components such as engine blocks, crankshafts,cylinder heads and many more. The solid cast iron base frame and column surround ensure stability during measurement while the high precision spindle and vertical straightness unit ensure repeatable and reliable measurement of roundness, cylindricity and straightness. A high load capacity X,Y table with fully automated centre and level ensures precise set up and repeatability between operators. The entire system is completely automated utilising Taylor Hobson's Ultra software, this software has many features ensuring measurement and analysis to national and international standards...more on spec   

Talyrond 440
This instrument utilises a high load capacity rotating table with fully automated centre and level ensuring fast and reliable part alignment. The vertical straightness unit is contained within a cast iron structure and consists of a precision ground column with up to 1500mm of straightness movement and measurement. The instruments load capacity and column height make it ideally suited for large crankshafts and precision spindles however its arm orientation mechanism and precision radial arm make it extremely versatile allowing measurement of both small to large components. The Instrument is completely automated and is driven by Taylor Hobson's intuitive and programmable Ultra software...more on spec